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An Emergency Transitional Shelter for those with the greatest needs

Time to heal

Shelter and Safety

We understand that being or becoming homeless is a high stress, traumatic event. At RRCH we try to take care of the first things first. Our first goal is to provide the shelter, safety, and immediate care our residents need to come to terms with what's happened.


We understand that the circumstances that result in homelessness are complex, and often cannot be resolved in a single day or over a weekend or even within a week. Thus, we are guided by our experience and faith to provide a minimum of 30-days of Emergency Transitional Shelter, during which residents work with community services - based on their individual needs - to build effective plans for transitioning to permanent housing or more appropriate levels of care. 


We care because we've been there



However homelessness happens, it always hurts. The Homeless Emergency Action Response Team (H.E.A.R.T.) helps lessen the trauma of homelessness by providing round-the-clock transportation to RRCH's Emergency Transitional Shelter from anywhere in the City of Florence. H.E.A.R.T. can also assist with securing any at risk personal property. 


Over our 12 years in operation, we have learned that compassion is the single most important factor in providing help. “We care because we’ve been there.” H.E.A.R.T. ensures that all new residents are immediately fed, appropriately clothed, and provided with the hygiene and personal care items needed to help them feel welcome and secure at RRCH.


H.E.A.R.T. also provides daily transportation to our service partners or other service providers so our residents can access the services and support they need to begin their transition out of homelessness from a solid base of caring and support.

No one is beyond hope

Healing and Hope

There is an old saying that "the caterpillar doesn't even know that the butterfly exists." At RRCH, we believe that every person has a purpose, and we are committed to helping residents discover and work toward that purpose. While we do everything we can to meet the immediate needs of our residents, we also encourage and support them to discover and achieve their long-term health, employment, and educational goals by working closely with our service partners (Hope health, Mercy Medicine, Pee Dee Mental Health, Poynor Adult Education, SC Works, and local businesses). Through onsite instruction, residents have the opportunity to learn or practice basic living and employment readiness skills, which will be useful to them beyond their stay at RRCH, and we provide certificates for every level of accomplishment to foster a sense of pride in accomplishing goals.


Above all, we are a faith-based program and we believe that exposing our residents to God's love through our actions and through faith-based counseling and mentoring, is as important as any other service they receive. As such, residents are welcome and encouraged to make use of our onsite chapel and services. We have learned that many of our residents find great value in the variety of fellowship opportunities available at RRCH.    



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